What You Get

TedSport is designed and created to give member subscribers an exclusive view of the new shape of the AFL, with unique predictive insights and analysis detailing whether teams will win, lose, or draw. It's prediction power consistently beats the agency traders - Ted Hopkins, founder of Champion Data, Carlton premiership player, and author of The Stats Revolution (Slattery Media).

What you get


TedSport KPI game data for all AFL premiership season games.

Ted Hopkins unique KPIs designed for predicting game outcomes. Exclusive access to the suite of KPIs for both the current 2018 season, and past seasons.


Pre-game Ted’s predictions, betting and staking advice.

Member only access to early bets laid by Ted Hopkins, baed on the unique algorithm taking into account the TedSport KPIs.

Market odds updating to provide best available odds from the main agencies.

Use of stake calculator to track your own bets, and apply risk management strategy to take advantage of movements in the market.


TedSport runs multiple season simulations, which are updated according to team ratings fueled by the TedSport KPIs, which are explained in the How to Stake section in How It Works. Gain access to future projections of who will and wont feature in the finals.


Insightful game analysis and topical commentary about the real trends and game issues that the knowledgeable AFL fan should be reading!

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TedSport ensures you get ahead of the market. If you want to put winning data in your pocket, email admin@tedsport.com to confirm your interest in the 2018 season.