Pre and in-game, TedSport provides our subscribers with unique KPIS, a Stake Calculator and algorithms. Since R14 the bank has an impressive 46% ROI. The best team ratings available combined with the recommend odds are on offer and our punters get profits well beyond the market.

TedSport’s unique BOX SEAT and KPIS rate the Tigers v Giants at a 70% to 30% chance, a decided No to Super Tracker’s chosen, the Royal GiantsOf public and subscriber interest is the economy of TedSport’s KPIS and algorithms compared to the massive data of the Super Tracker. We have elected to support the Tiger’s prelim final against the privileged AFL’s corporate choice, the Royal GWS Giants.

 DOS explainsAdd the awesome truth of GWS's prodigious talent, as seen against the tired Eagles veterans on Saturday night, to the mythology of AFL-directed premiership glory. To most punters and media it seems like all the Giants have to do is turn up at the MCG to have a even shot at the Grand Final.

We've been combing through the numbers, and we still don't trust them. West Coast managed to bust through their midfield more often than a good team defence should allow, but the Giants had all the answers at either end. GWS will revert to its season mean. This is not the stuff of premiers.

Richmond has a more solid claim to victory here, with the ability to manipulate game speed and Dusty Martin ready to borrow a line from the Giants' song and make them quake in their boots. Back Richmond head-to-head and with the -9.5 handicap, and in the fine MCG twilight we'll have a small punt on Total Over 160.

We are not claiming this as a ‘David versus Goliath’ match. We also respect the GWS players and coaches as elite performers. Tom Scully is an outstanding player, but sadly, he has become a poster boy on behalf of the AFL profiteers.  

The Super Tracker plus the Pressure Points provides no third party or public verification of their data and predictions. (Herald Sun, Sept 18). It gives instead brilliant advertising sales. The Royal GWS Giants are apparently the #1 ‘run and stun’ distance team of the competition, averaging 292.55. Of the eight finalists the Tigers are a sore #7 @ 274.19. Isn’t that a WOW?

And of course the afl.com.au/stats offer the Giants $2.45 to Tigers $1.58. Meanwhile, the TedSport target odds recommend GWS @ $3.74 to Richmond @ $1.47. Generally, we are not keen on advising punters to bet on favourites but in this case it’s a Yes, thanks.

Our support for the Tigers is not swayed by the emotions we may have for a particular footy club. Rather, we are moved by the independence of the Tigers compared to the corporate branding of the GWS.

At the backend is Rance and his support defenders. At the belly is Cotchin skipper including Dusty who goes anywhere, and at the front is an improved Jack Jump. While TedSport sees the Tigers have a 70% chance, do not underrate the Giants to lose. The Royal Giants have a fair chance of 30% and +19 point handicap. A base of 30% is achievable.

The power of emotion adds uncertainty and can change the odds. Before a game and during the game, the yellow slash of the Richmond jumper might conjure up a roller coast ride, teetering between exhilaration and despair. However, as throughout this season, the Tigers appear solid, thanks to their elite performers and player support. Please Tigers, Eat ‘Em Alive.

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