Another good week for the kitty with Tedsport again taking advantage of the over-reach prompted by the week 1 results. This time it was Geelong the top4 qualifying loser the masses dropped cold, while a non-top-4 team, Sydney, beating up on a mediocre team in Essendon, saw them outrageously backed for the semi-final. 

 Another $655 jumped into the TedSport kitty this week, to take profits since R14 up to $4622, or a 46% ROI to date.


As sure as The Buddy Show haunts Essendon, the markets will haunt >span class="s2">top-four favourites that lose. Geelong is the latest victim of the wild overreaction that has brought us so many profits in the past decade. TedSport slightly favoured the Swans and expected the in-form team to win at the neutral MCG, butonly by seven points. Jumping on board, the Cats were atridiculous odds for a team that finished the season in second position.

The Cats played their trump early, starting with Danger up forward who duly kicked the Cats' first two goals of the game. There was no Sydney slaughter in the opening quarter this time. The danger in playing Danger forward was that Sydney’s big bodies would get on top in the middle, but they were found wanting on the night.

It was the ‘second string’ Cats who all stepped up – BlicavsMenegola, Duncan and the other Selwood - Scott -  andcontrolled the midfield battle. The lesser name Cats completely blanketed Kennedy and Parker and saw Geelong win the midfield battle by some 90 odd points, without much contribution from their dynamic duo.

Compounding their problems, the Swans backs were too preoccupied with Danger to be adventurous and create intercepts and rebound transitions. Sydney finished the game a woeful -22 for transition as they spent their time going backwards,coughing the ball up.

Geelong controlled the game by foot, having plenty of periods where they controlled the ball with some 0 rated treading water disposals before finding a way through the Swans unusuallysuspect defensive structures to create a scoring attack. The Cats finished the game with a kick advantage of 84 and a F50 advantage of 12. They thoroughly deserved their 10 goal win.


We cannot recall a semi-final in recent years that featured two teams so lucky to be there. West Coast doubled down on their % qualification being crunched by Port everywhere but on the scoreboard, yet a Shuey Shrug got them across the line and eliminated the desperately unlucky Power.

The Giants have been pretenders since June, coasting along after the rub of the green gave them some close wins and settling into the last of the double-chance slots. Somehow the best two teams are in the opposite finals bracket, so one of these flash-in-the-pan flawed clubs will have a chance to trip the Tigers next week. Taking a small flutter on the Eagles at the line and head-to-head, and some more on the total exceeding 164.5 if one of these dodgy defences gets blasted to pieces early on.

The Giants went small in this one, opting to replace Mummy and Cameron with two small runners and it worked with the Giants being too slick for the weary Eagles.

They missed some gilt-edged chances in the first quarter, while the Eagles took full advantage of the few chances they were able to grab which gave the fans a glimmer of hope that this might turn into a contest. But it was never on the cards, and when Stevie J turned back the clock in Q3 with four of his own goals it was another final blowout.

The Giants were much too slick with the ball, with their young quarter of midfield dynamos all finding form – Coniglio, Whitfield, Kelly and Shiels - who had the ball on a string. Their skillful play helped the Giants to finish +30 for the kick rating and +10 for transition.

The gun runners had most impact when entering the F50. They finished +17 for their F50 forays compared to the Eagles who were a woeful -8 for the game. Stevie J and Toby Greene took full advantage of the midfield dominance, with their smarts and positioning around goals seeing them combining for 9 goals.

The Giants easily accounted for the tiring Eagles, but a rested ferocious team of Tigers waits at the G and they will be much tougher opposition.

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