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A great result last night, verifying the TedSport system of ratings. As we have seen before, punters over-reacted a player not being named and to the fact that Adelaide should be clear favourites for the flag. Still, our odds were favourable.

 Hence a great little boost to the TED kitty, which has pushed above 40% ROI, one of our biggest recommended stakes of the year.

 Game review below:

 Crows v Giants

TedSport had identified the first final of 2017 as a good place to splurge up to 10% of your bankroll. Adelaide is a few goals better than GWS, as it had proved time and time again through the year.

At the famously hostile Adelaide Oval, TedSport expected the underrated Don Pyke's Crows to breeze into a Preliminary Final and, when the markets opened, placed some big bets head-to-head and at the -14.5 handicap.

The big news in the lead-up to the game was team selection, and in particular the announcement that Adelaide’s prime midfield mover Sloane was ruled out of the game. The market over-reacted to the news resulting in Adelaide’s odds growing even more appealing to TedSport prior to the bounce.


The first quarter was all Adelaide, with the Crouch boys controlling the midfield and instigating some slick ball movement that had the Giants chasing tails. The Crows were much more effective by foot, +31 for the quarter in the kick rating, which enabled them to easily transition the ball finishing +12 for the quarter. The only thing keeping the Giants in the game was Adelaide’s poor play when entering F50; they finished -3 for the quarter. The Crows failed to take full advantage of the arm-chair ride provided by the Crouch boys.

Quarter two was more of the same, with the added bonus of some Eddie magic up forward. Adelaide continued to be much slicker of foot, and also turned back the clock with some deft knock-ons recalling the “Crow Throw” of the 90s. Again they dominated the transition rating.

The Crows moved the ball forward, a bit like the Dog's tumble ball last year, which they combined with the “Crow Throw” and some great ball use by foot. With Eddie doing what Eddie does Best up forward, and the Crow’s forwards finishing off the good work of the midfield, they had blown the game apart and went into the half time sheds 44 points to the good, with the not so gigantic Giants stuck on a measly one goal.

The second half was a non-event as the Crows did enough to hold the Giants at bay. Their early dominance on the back of daring attacking transition aided by slick ball use by foot and the “Crow Throw” overwhelmed the Giants.

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