TedSport is now entering its 6th year and has consistently outperformed the market. The proof is in the pudding; with an average 80% return of investment for the previous five years.

The nature of football continually changes, which means that metrics and analysis must also keep up the pace. How we can help profit you is our unique KPIS, algorithm, and the Kelly Staking system.

Hence, TedSport is designed to capture the evolving AFL game, with unique predictive insights into teams winning, losing, and by how much.

Underneath the bonnet a predictive technology lies the Kelly Staking system. This rates the bets for you and gives the punter so much more confidence in where and what to place.

The Kelly Staking system is mathematically proven to be the optimal way to grow your bankroll if your percentage-estimations (probabilities) are better than the bookmaker’s estimations.

How the KPIS work are available at the tedsport.com/how-tedsport-works

In summary, the metrics are based on a fundamental principle; It ain’t no point winning the ball unless it is put to good effect. The details include the advantages of kick, transit, F50m entries, and midfield.

The combination of KPIS, Kelly Staking system, and algorithm gives TedSport an edge of the market. The model has been stress tested with five years of data.

It says on average the algorithm consistently predicts between a 2% to 1% gain over the market. Yes, it's a slim line. However, if the staking is good this slim line is enough to consistently make bonanza profits.

Season Starting Bank End Bank ROI
2013 $10,000.00 $23,253.00 132.5%
2014 $23,253.00 $37,620.60 61.8%
2015 $37,620.60 $57,767.20 53.6%
2016 $57,767.20 $96,754.30 67.5%
2017* $96,754.30 $144,393.67 49.2%
* indicates our 2017 season shows only investments from Round 14-GF. TedSport was not in operation betweem rounds 1-13 of the 2017 season.

TedSport profits and website are created and built by Ted Hopkins and Darren O’Shaughnessy.

Ted is a Carlton premiership hero and Darren is the DOS Analysis progeny of mathematical Kelly Stakes and Backgammon chances.

Ted’s first shaping of AFL was the founding of Champion Data in 1995. Until 2009, Ted and Darren, the chief statistician and software engineer, were the minds that expanded and grew Champion Data to see it revolutionise AFL statistics and eventually became the property of AFL.

In addition to Ted and Darren is our statistician manager, Glenn McLeod, who stems from the former renowned statistics of Prowess Software. On board, he directs nine precise statisticians who punch the KPIS.

His purpose is also to verify our statistician’s input data. We are TedSport and Beating the market is our business.

So if you want to put winning data in your pocket, email admin@tedsport.com to confirm your interest in the 2018 season.