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Over the last five AFL seasons we have honed our algorithms and analysis methodologies to shown year-on-year profits exceeding 49% over our initial investment every season. We put our money behind our recommendations and have consistently come away with the win.

At TedSport we give you the data you need to ensure you come out ahead of the betting agencies.

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All for just $20 per round (paid per season) or $50 for a single round.

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TedSport acknowledges the 2017 grand final was, from a neutral perspective, a bit of a letdown, but otherwise an amazing performance from Mrs Hardwick's boys! They have now winched the black and yellow flag above the Richmond Castle.

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McLeod says: GF was a bit of a letdown from a neutral perspective, but an amazing performance from Mrs. Hardwick's boys! Pre-game TedSport recommended NO BET until there was unusual noise. Before the bounce, the money started flowing into the Adelaide jar. Meanwhile, our stake calculator was saying the HTH honey bet was on the Tigers.

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Top 8 @ Round 27

Club %
ADEL 136%
PA 130%
SS 127%
RICH 118%
GEEL 117%
GWS 115%
ESS 107%
WCE 106%

View full ladder and our exclusive futures ladders, predicting each team's chance of making Top 4, Minor Premier, Finals, Grand Final, Premier.

Our profits at a glance

An overview of our winnings over the last 5 years.

Season Starting Bank End Bank ROI
2013 $10,000.00 $23,253.00 132.5%
2014 $23,253.00 $37,620.60 61.8%
2015 $37,620.60 $57,767.20 53.6%
2016 $57,767.20 $96,754.30 67.5%
*2017 $96,754.30 $144,393.67 49.2%
* indicates our 2017 season shows only investments from Round 14-GF. TedSport was not in operation betweem rounds 1-13 of the 2017 season.